Insight to the Realm of Night

Not everything is clear as day.

About one third of life is asleep, and then night takes over.

In some cases, dreams rule the day just as they do the night. A film starts rolling in the head and the dream begins. Most films can be turned off when not watched but in the odd case the film rolls on forever. Dreams can haunt the psyche for as long as they want and there’s nothing to be done about it. Sure, a dream can be pleasant and the host wouldn’t mind reliving the dream for days on end… but what if it wasn’t.

Just as a peaceful, humorous or comfortable film could be played, the opposite can also occur. A nightmare is usually what this is referred to. But, a nightmare is just a normal dream to some as they’re played every night.

I wish shaking a nightmare from the memory was easy.

But there’s not much you can do for that.